Bike Lanes & Other Linemarking


Our Linemarking operators have plenty of practical experience from the incredibly varied work they have done locally on the Sunshine Coast and around Queensland.

bike-lanes-01Bike Lanes

We have the templates and access to all the materials necessary to paint bike lanes that meet the current standards of the industry. We have done multiple Linemarking jobs around the Sunshine Coast and have travelled all throughout Queensland. Check out one of our more recent jobs here on the Sunshine Coast.

road shoulder linemarkingRoad Shoulders

Shoulders are a perfect way to showcase reflective markers. Our Linemarking teams work with the highest quality materials to ensure that the markers and detailed line work remain looking fresh for years to come.

Our teams are fully versed in roadside safety practices and equipped with the correct machinery and expertise to ensure your markings are completed correctly, quickly and efficiently first time, every time.

Intersections and Roundabouts

We have worked multiple jobs that saw us working in close detail with curves or tight corners. Our operators take pride in ensuring that the weight and flow of the curves are consistent with our straight line work, even when working against confines such as curbs.

IMG_0075Pedestrian Crossings and Miscellaneous

We have worked numerous crossings in and out of carparks as well as the odd job for things such as raised speed markers.