Our Linemarking Equipment

linemarking equipment

We pride ourselves on a high standard of quality and efficiency. With the correct equipment on hand here at Diggerman Linemarking, our operators ensure the standards of our work are met with a timely and safe delivery.

Graco Linelazer 4 250DC

This piece of equipment is capable of spraying out two patterns simultaneously at widths of up to 90cm.

It is an ideal machine for highlights and served Diggerman well when it came to linemarking the Sunshine Coast Airport.

linemarking equipment
linemarking equipment

Graco Roadlazer Roadpak system RPS2900

Mounted on the back of our truck this airless spraying system allows us to work incredibly efficiently, holding line consistency and quality at speeds of up to 16kmh.

Used in our bigger jobs such as highways this system has always succeeded in meeting the requirements of the job.

Graco/Linelazer 4 250SPS

Self-propelled and easy to use the, hydraulic system on this equipment allows us to easily tackle any carpark job and we’ve found it more than capable of handling life on a road too.

linemarking equipment
hoffman h26 linemarking
Hoffman H26

As the newest member of our ranks the Hoffman H26 has already made a name for itself within the industry. European built and capable of going for days on end this Linemarking machine is ideal for big jobs providing a high fidelity in corners and highway works.