Diggerman Road Linemarking:

Diggerman Linemarking offers some of the highest quality linemarking services in Queensland. The Diggerman Linemarking team is committed to providing its clients with long lasting lines, clean and efficient work, and most importantly, road line marking that not only meets requirements and standards, but exceeds them! We meet these high standards by using the highest quality materials, paints, machinery and highly trained operators and staff.

Our Road Marking Equipment:

Diggerman has several different line marking machines, however some are more suited to road line marking than others. Each of our road line marking machines is used for a different purpose, some are used for marking long strait sections of road quickly and efficiently, and some are better suited for use on windy or curved sections of road. When quoting for a job we take that into account and send the best machine for the job, thus saving the client time and money.

Some of our road line marking machinery can be seen below:


Some of our recent projects:

Diggerman Linemarking has recently conducted road line marking for the Bundaberg Regional Council, Sunshine Coast Regional Council, Emerald Highlands Regional Council, Blackwater Regional Township, the Department of Transport and Mains Roads, Lendlease, Shadforths, Halls Contracting, Trafflec Civil Contracting, Road Tech, Downers, Sunstate Group Queensland (SGQ), and many other clients. We take great pride in providing each of our clients with the best service possible, which often involves traveling throughout Queensland to provide our services.

Below are some pictures of our recent projects/jobs:


For more information:

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